Thursday, August 21, 2014

New York: It Should have been A Big Apple for Two

We arrived at Newark Liberty International Airport on a freezing Friday night, I saw people waiting outside, anticipating the arrival of love ones, behind them glitter of lights, a sign that the big city is just moments away from where we are standing. A hotel situated near the train station is a perfect resting place before we hit the Big Apple the next morning. Our jam pack itinerary only requires one thing: Never get tired of Walking. The whole weekend is practically our only time to see New York, so basically I’ll be shooting guerilla style like I will no longer have time to go back. 

New York City is one of those places you include in your bucket list. You wanted to know firsthand why people gave these cliché tag lines like “the Big Apple”, “the city that never sleeps” or that familiar line in Alicia Keys’s song “concrete jungle where dreams are made of”.

My first few minutes in the city are nothing short of excitement. The Madison Square Garden was the first one to greet me, eventually the yellow cabs, hotdog vendors and then the sound of footsteps coming from every direction. 

 As we move on from one street to the other, I took a quick scan of the surrounding buildings, searching for one particular sky scrapper among the sea of steel; finally I saw it, the towering Empire State building in the horizon. That moment was awesome.

I could just imagine myself having big dough eyes and jaws drop in disbelief that I’m actually walking along Time Square and Wall Street. That I’m actually standing in front of the humongous statue of Lady Liberty. And that I have cross out one activity in my bucket list, to walk across Brooklyn Bridge.

All of the sites in New York City are really beautiful. But this Big Apple should be shared with someone, like a special friend or a love one because it gives an aura of romanticism; something not to be consumed alone. It should have been a Big Apple for two. It should always be a Big Apple for two. 

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