Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cambodia: Temple Overdose

We wanted to maximize our day in Siem Reap, what better way to start your morning right is to watch the morning sun rise behind the great Angkor Wat. After paying the entrance fees, our tuktuk driver brought us at the drop off point. A bit clueless, we followed where the people are heading. When I got there, tripods and cameras were already set up waiting for the magic hour.

The pond in front of the temple was a perfect foreground for that postcard moment. The color of the sky changes from indigo to violet then to golden yellow. It was as beautiful as how I imagine it would be; the guide books are right after all. 

The hard rain the other night gave small pools around the temples that we’ve visited, giving an opportunity for some reflection shots. We spend the next six hours exploring other temples in the complex that are as important as Angkor Wat. Shared smiles with the happy face in Bayon temple, gazing on eye candy bas-relief surrounding the temple walls, explore Ta Prohm, where the movie Tomb Raider was filmed. And lastly, enjoy a 15 minute elephant ride around the vicinity.

Next day brought us to the capital where the Royal Palace greeted us. Another tuktuk ride provided us a glimpse of the city life. We went around the Independence Monument which resembles the towers of Angkor Wat. A night in the city was not enough, I bet each one of us wanted to go back.

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