Wednesday, September 3, 2014

San Francisco: A Place for TV Series and Movies

I’m a sucker of iconic attractions being use as a location for TV series and films, sometimes that’s where I draw inspiration for my next destination, so when I found out that I can stay for three days in San Francisco before embarking a 14 hour flight back to Manila, I immediately contacted my relatives and high school friends to accommodate and tour me around the city, finally, a chance to see the Golden Gate Bridge.

I arrived in a very wet San Francisco International Airport; it will be raining the whole day as suggested by the weather app, I ended up scratching out my plans for day 1 and spent the whole day in slumber. A calm, sunny but still cold morning greeted me on day 2 and my high school friends already informed me that they’ll pick me up at 10, what a great day to start the morning right?

Streets in San Francisco can be compared to a roller coaster track, sometimes I doubt if the car can even maneuver such steep roads and speaking of roads, our first destination was at the world’s most crooked street. It was fun just watching the traffic, you can drivers getting serious and focus on the road whiles passengers screaming like party animals.

Across the street you can see the Alcatraz from a far --- can someone say X-Men? That was an awesome moment. While enjoying my view of the Alcatraz another iconic attraction in San Francisco just passed by, my friends told me that now-a-days tourists are the only people using the trams.

We passed by those old houses they call “old ladies” which brought me back to a T.V. series I usually watch every Monday on Studio 23, Charmed and at the horizon Transamerica Pyramid is peaking. 

And then my most awaited attraction, the Golden Gate Bridge. I took the time just staring at it, like how I stared for an hour at a cliff in Sabtang Island, Batanes. That was a great moment. We headed by Fisherman’s Wharf to eat late lunch --- that clam chowder was superb…or I’m just that hungry.

We ended the day at the Fine Arts Museum, the place where I last saw Drew Barrymore and Justin Long making out in their film Going the Distance. I was expecting a huge lake like what we see in movies but I guess the power of the big screen really does magic.

I ended my San Francisco day at my aunt’s place across the bay where I met up with my cousins who I never met before. It was a perfect trip to end my 2 months stint in the Land of the Free World.            

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