Sunday, September 21, 2014

Texan Road Trip Pt. 1: San Antonio

Houston can be boring after four weeks, downtown attractions no longer excite us and the weird winter-rainy weather prevents us to roam around the city.

One morning we found ourselves consulting a map of the state of Texas amidst the busy software testing and run and maintain operations. We’re deciding which cities to explore next, San Antonio was the first city in mind; for starters it’s the home of Spurs but aside from that I know nothing about that place which for me is a good thing. Other options are Austin and Dallas; each city is three hours away from each other.

We shared this plan to one of our colleagues at the U.S. office and she agreed to be our tour guide/driver/mama bear and everything in between on the spot. So together with her husband, we rented a car and leave Houston for a weekend fun to San Antonio and later added the state capital, Austin in the picture.

The perks we are enjoying with a certain hotel came in handy when we booked our accommodation in San Antonio. We are up in the 18th floor and enjoying a great view of the San Antonio skyline and the River Walk. Everything is just five to ten minutes walk from where we are staying.

That weekend is St. Patrick’s Day which meant it’s an all you can drink beer/alcohol day for all tourists, something very close to the heart of most Filipinos. Aside from the out pouring of booze, another unique to San Antonio is the River Walk found at the city center where most tourist hop on a ferry and listen to the tour guide as he gave you the low down of the old buildings surrounding the river. Personally, there’s nothing spectacular about it but being a first timer I enjoy it none the less.

With a very limited time to explore the city, I drank my last bottle of beer and start aiming my cameras across the historical attractions of San Antonio. I only have two things that I wanted to see: first is the Tower of Americas; I thought I can ride the elevator up to the observation deck but it was already close when we got at the ticketing office so we ended up starring at its neon lights from the park and lastly, The Alamo which have an Intramuros vibe. The rest of my photowalk rely on guts and if I saw something interesting in that map that I wanted to see in person and by around two in the morning we call it a day.

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