Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Life in Downtown Houston

The second half of 2013 gave me great news; I was chosen to be part of the team that will undergo training for the new system migration that will be happening second half of 2014. I knew about this project 2 years ago and I been working my butt off since then to grab this kind of opportunity, luckily it all paid off. For 2 months I will be staying in Houston, the heart of American Rodeo, the only thing I could think off when I first heard of the city together with horses, cows, boots, cowboy hats, ropes and farms not to mention steaks and barbeques (well I guess I have a lot in my mind, sorry).

Since everything was already paid for me by the company from accommodation, plane tickets, food, and transportation to visa fees (so basically I’m like a fat brat kid in America) I got the time to plot my travel plans for the 8 weekends that I have in the U.S. Top on the list was acquainting myself to downtown Houston so I choose to walk from the main office back to my hotel, making some stops to take photos of their important buildings and architecture, more often the city skyline is my subject. And if I’m reporting from the satellite office I ride the train back to downtown.

 Living in downtown Houston is like living in the city and province at the same time. They have small artsy café shops, a few bars, a stadium and a busy park during the weekdays but it gets lonely in downtown during the weekend; shops are close and café are only open until 2 in the afternoon plus you can hardly see people walking around.

I usually spend my weekend running/walking at the trails early in the morning, doing my laundries after then lunch at a nearby restaurant, spend some afternoon nap and either visit the Galleria Mall or do my groceries at Randal’s or Walmart. And if you get bored, just check out the Downtown Aquarium or the Museum District which is fortunately a walk away from my hotel. But if you really plan your weekend well, a whole day adventure at Kemah Boardwalk and NASA is possible. I thought I have a number of stories so I've decided to make separate blogs about those places. 

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