Thursday, November 6, 2014

Remembering Sagada through Photography

Hanging Coffins of Sagada. we almost got lost trying to look for this spot.

Some two years ago I was with a group friends determined to witness Panagapoy Festival in Sagada, Mountain Province. It’s our Ifugao brother’s unique way of remembering the departed where in they just don’t light a candle for them but instead set a bonfire.  I remember that we had a bit of difficulty on transportation as tourist visit the north at this time of the year plus the diaspora of Filipinos going back to their provinces because of the All Souls day weekend holiday which means all bus are fully booked, good thing one of us can speak Ilocano (a native dialect in the region) and snatch a good deal with a van that agreed to bring us to Sagada, thus producing these photos.

Sleepy town of Sagada. We arrived early in the evening and got the top room of the hostel that 
gave us this view of the town proper.

Terraces Below. A view of one of many Rice Terraces found in Sagada from Kiltepan view point

Team Sagada. We saw that photo opportunity that we just can't resist it

The Blue Door. 

Calm before the Festivities. We found some locals cleaning the cemetery and preparing the cemetery
before the festivities that evening. 

Later for Dinner.

Scar Face. Saw this terraces while trekking to the Big Falls.

Another Angle. 

In Between.

Lady Waiting. One of the ladies together with her offerings waiting 
for the ritual to begin.

Big Falls. Long walk to see this beauty.

Panag Apoy Festival, reason why we went up north.


- The End -

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