Sunday, December 14, 2014

Solo in Taipei, Taiwan

Checking out CebuPac’s website, I click on the list of their international flights. I wanted to go away somewhere to spend my Thanksgiving holidays (yes, we follow the holiday of the country we support, as for me it’s the US so keep your mouth shut!). I saw Taipei on the list and thought to myself “why not?”

I’m in a seesaw battle with myself for the longest time if Taipei is worth visiting. If you ask around this city is hardly even mention, making it mysterious and so I booked the flight.

As soon as I step out of the plane and into the Taoyuan International Airport, traces of them Art-loving Taiwanese already greeted me, from the walls to the airport’s ceiling. Why can’t we have something like this with our airports back home?

It was also my first time to try the Air BnB services, which I find great especially for solo travelers like me. You can find a place to stay that will fit your budget and taste. Personally, I always go for accommodation near the MRT/LRT stations although noise pollution is the downside, it will definitely cut on your transpo-spending and if you’re lucky, everything is just a walk away.

Taipei reminds me of Singapore when it comes to transportation. Their MRT is definitely the reason why I enjoyed roaming around the city as well as their Bus system whenever I go out the city-center. And reminds me of Manila/Kuala Lumpur city planning wise; one minute you’re walking in a residential and business establishments all jumbled up with their historical sites and another minute you find yourself in their business district and malls. Foodies also rave about Taiwan being a Food hub, but it’s all hits and misses for me. I guess I don’t have an adventurous taste bud after all.

I regret that I didn’t push myself to get up early on my last day in Taipei to visit National Palace Museum, next time maybe, Taipei Zoo was my priority then, and coincidentally they’re celebrating their centennial anniversary this year. Seeing the Panda bears was definitely one of the highlights of this trip.

This is my third solo trip, second outside of the country, most of my peers still don’t understand why I travel solo and I always tell them to try it for themselves so they’ll understand why I sometimes choose this path. 

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