Saturday, January 10, 2015

That Trip to Bali

High school no more, my group of friends find it hard to see each other on a regular basis, its either Christmas or New Year breaks or planned holiday trips are our only time to physically meet each other. So when our schedules permitted us to enjoy a 5 day leave from work, we decided to do it in Bali, Indonesia. 

But a quick stop first at Kuala Lumpur since one of us was working there at that time; me and Cess flew from Clark, Pampanga to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia first and enjoy 2 days roaming around the metro with Cay and basically eat, sleep, take photos and eat again in that order. Really, having no itinerary is the best plan.  Of course paying tribute to Petronas Towers was part of the list, we also managed to visit some places for the first time like the Batu Caves (can I say I hate stairs, Yes?), and the streets of Cyberjaya and Putrajaya.

Bali, Indonesia is one of those places that you need to visit or see at least once in your lifetime (or in my case twice I think). I like how laid back life in Denpasar is and how different it is compare to Kuta Beach. Denpasar's rural area feels like Batanes where one only needs a bike to roam around. Temples and well manicured rice terraces line the side streets and if you're lucky you will witness women carrying gifts like fruits for their gods.

Also, if you're a fun of Eat, Pray, Love both the book and the film then you're in for a treat. True fantards of the book and the film, we make an effort to meet Ketut Liyer, the fortuneteller/quack doctor featured in the movie. His home was the actual setting where they shoot the film where famous phrases like "See you later, Alligator" and "In a while crocodile" were uttered. 

At present, Ketut Liyer is enjoying the fame brought by the film, he's now a fortune teller and enjoyed by his visitors (but with a minimal fee). Both Cess and myself opted to do fortune telling just for the fun of it. His style of fortune telling reminds me of fortune tellers along Quiapo church (minus the cards). I remember he mentioned that in the future I'll have four kids and that told me not to worry too much about the future, God will provide and always think carefully before deciding about something (so, let's see if I'll be able to have four kids).

On our last 2 days in Bali, we move closer to the city. We explored few temples and the famous Kuta Beach which I find beautiful that's why I'm not sure why some Filipinos compare it to Puerto Galera, Mindoro Oriental.

5 days maybe too short to enjoy a new place with your best buds yet we always say "there's always a next time". And I think we're already planning for the next trip.

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