Friday, February 6, 2015

Cebu: That Short Escape to Moalboal

Two years ago, I’ve decided to join a few friends to visit Cebu and try free diving; a water activity that I wanted to try ever since I saw underwater photos of my Cebuano friends enjoying the deep blue. 

After a few text exchanges, Hale Manna Beach Resort and Coastal Gardens was gracious enough to take care of us that weekend. A perfect resort situated in the town of Moalboal, some 3-4 hour bus ride south of Cebu city.

Upon reaching Moalboal, we decided to eat lunch first before continuing our final ride to the resort. There are a few local restaurants along the road or as we call it here in the Philippines “karinderia” with dishes that costs less than a hundred peso.

After a tricyle ride, we’ve reached Hale Manna. It’s a nice resort with two big bungalow houses that can take 8-10 guests each at a time. A well manicured garden surrounded the resort, a quiet little nook where you can just lay flat at one of the hammocks and watch the day go by. Rooms are big and clean with very accommodating service crew. 

We should have canceled out lunch because they have prepared something for us as well. And since it’s not nice to say no to food (yes, that’s our excuse) shall I say, we gave in. It was already late afternoon when we prep up, lazing around the resort and kayaking kept us busy instead.

Old dog learning a new tricks

The next morning was our free diving stint; Doi and Dylan whom I considered pros with this activity are my teachers for the day. I thought it was scary at first since I haven’t been near open water for months. After a few instructions and sea water I finally got the hang of it, the corals and fishes below made me forget about the waves and current.

Hale Manna Beach Resort and Coastal Gardens
Becky Pastano-Smith
(+63 032) 316-2603
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