Saturday, March 14, 2015

Plan B: Taal Volcano, Batangas

It was already raining the night before our climb to Mount Batulao that crawled until the wee hours of the morning, not a good sign if you're planning to climb a mountain though I still woke up early just to be on time at our meeting place in Manila. The idea of abandoning the climb was already lurking at the back of my head but not to be pessimistic I drowned the bad idea with a cup of strong coffee and helped myself with some toast to boost some adrenaline to my, at the moment, sleepy head. 

I was the first one to reached our meeting place which was very unusual for me and by six in the morning my friends started to arrived one by one, with them the ultimate question: "Are we still doing this?"

At around seven we're already on the road heading to Tagaytay, the only way we know on how to get to Mount Batualao.  As we were driving, rain clouds are still hovering from the horizon and have no plans of moving. We're still talking among ourselves on what to do next when the view of Taal volcano appeared and that's when it hit us, that's our Plan B.

A fifteen minute boat ride and an hour of trekking is all you need to reach the peak of Taal volcano. The worlds smallest volcano is a good place for day hike and if you're not physically ready for it, you can rent a horse to do the climbing and walking for you. But expect a "shitty" climb up, literally, since you'll be walking alongside horses most of the time.

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